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For the past seven years, authors Dr. Neale Martin and Lokesh Sehgal have traveled the country, and much of the world, helping communications companies prepare for the competitive realities of the marketplace. In their roles as educators, researchers, and advisors, they have witnessed the momentous events that have transformed this once staid industry into a fast growing, highly competitive, and risky enterprise.

Mirages, Oases, and Roadkill on the Information Highway seeks to provide a larger framework to understand not only the transformation of the information industry, but also how this industry is at the epicenter of bringing about what many refer to as the Information Revolution. To do this, Martin and Sehgal assess the state of the communications marketplace by looking at its past, present, and future. They examine internal as well as external pressures, the role of disruptive technologies, regulatory machinations, global trends, customer needs, and competitive maneuvers.

Through observations, insights, and lessons, the authors give perspective to the complexity of issues that surround the communications industry. More importantly, they show how this dynamic environment can be leveraged for future success. As a result, readers will develop an appreciation for how exciting the industry is today and will be for the foreseeable future.

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Information Highway.