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Lokesh Sehgal is the president of Learning Orbit, Inc., an Atlanta-based start-up engaged in research, consulting, and executive education in the areas of strategy and competitive marketing for communications companies. Lokesh has been an enthusiastic analyst and a close student of the communications industry for fifteen years.

Through presentations and workshops in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America, Lokesh has been a catalyst for helping executives discern marketplace myths from realities. His perspectives on the competitive evolution and transformation of the global communications marketplace stimulate strategic thinking and drive action. He is a regular speaker at industry forums and management programs organized by USC's Center for Telecom Management. Lokesh has undertaken numerous research and consulting assignments for local and long distance operators, wireless carriers, cable companies, and computer and communications equipment manufacturers. He has authored reports and papers on various business issues and companies in the information industry.

Lokesh can be reached at sehgal@learningorbit.com.